NBA 2K17 Development: Motion Capture in Process

NBA 2K17 Game

NBA 2K17 Development: Motion Capture in Process

NBA 2K17 is already in development. Few pictures of doing motion capture for NBA 2K17 was shared on Twitter. That confirmed the predictions of NBA 2K17 being already in development after short time NBA 2K16 got just released.

Picture shows Lang Whitaker, Sekou Smith and Fox but it is still unknown what they are adding in NBA 2K17. However, hints are awaited to be explained in NBA 2KTV. Whitaker shared the picture of them doing motion capture on Twitter using “2K17” in description. Official NBA TV account also shared this picture.

What features do you want to have in NBA 2K17? Tell us in comments below!

Basketball is interactive and full of action game especially in the famous American basketball league. So as NBA 2K17 Game. Most of the basketball players or experts tried it and now every year can’t wait for the new version to come. Every time it comes upgraded with lots of new options, fascinating graphics and possible scenarios. NBA 2K17 - 2K Games is a proof that company knows how to create the best content and involve people from all over the world.

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